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Safe water, reliable sanitation services, and proper hygiene education can change everything. Children are able to stay in school, and people live longer, healthier lives. Access to these basic necessities increases education levels and prosperity for individuals, communities, and countries.

You can help us bring lasting change to people all over the world and magnify that impact by creating a fundraiser – your first step in making a ripple that spreads and creates positive change.

Encourage family and friends to donate to Water For People in honor of your birthday, wedding, athletic event, an important milestone, or in memory or honor of a loved one. Simply choose your event, customize your page, and then share it with friends and family!

Our mission is to end the world’s water crisis – for Everyone Forever. By joining the Ripple Effect community and fundraising on behalf of Water For People, you are helping us get closer to that being a reality.

Let’s create a world where everyone has water and sanitation solutions — forever.



Gary and Linda

Just like Gary and Linda have proven by canoeing for thousands of miles to fundraise and raise awareness for Water For People, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. Use your creativity and passion to create a completely unique fundraiser and make your own Ripple Effect.



Get moving like Water For People CEO Eleanor did as a two-time Cycling for Water team rider! Run, walk, bike, swim, sail, or paddle (or whatever way you choose to move) in a competition or just for fun and share with your supporters that proceeds will go to help communities all over the world.



After learning about the global water crisis, Jeremy asked that people consider donating to Water For People in lieu of gifts for his bar mitzvah. Join Jeremy and share your special day – like a birthday, wedding, or graduation – with families around the world by encouraging family and friends to donate to your Ripple Effect instead of sending gifts.


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